West Haven Youth Soccer League

Posted May 15, 2019

The new system requires that each FAMILY create an account.  This account will be used to register all family members: players, managers, coaches across all registration events in-house, competition, high school etc.

We began a limited rollout of this system beginning with coaches in the Fall 2018 season, therefore, some accounts have been already established.  All coaches, competition and travel rec players from the Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 seasons were processed via FAMILY accounts, many of which were administratively created.

Coaches - to register yourselves and your players use the User ID and password (you can ask for new password if you do not have the original) that you used when you originally registered in this system to coach.  You will register yourself in the Coaches event and your player(s) in the player event(s) to which they will be participating using the same account.

Current competition and travel rec players use the user ID as found on the application that was mailed to you.

In-house and all NEW players you will create an account using your email address when you register for your first event.


If you are registering a new player or a player who has not yet submitted a birth certificate, passport or other proof of age then you need to upload a copy as part of the process.

If you are registering for competition team tryouts you will need to upload a picture if you do not see one associated with your account.  This picture must be a “head shot” and will be used for player passes. Players registering to tryout who have not played on either a competition or travel rec team in the past will need to upload a copy of the proof of age as stated above.

We encourage on-line registration for all players and require it for all coaches.  Player registration fees can be paid only by credit card online.  If you need to pay by check then you will need to complete and mail in the registration form that you received in the mail.  Anyone in need of an application should email whysl@whysl.org to request one.  Applications are not needed if you register online.

Summer League Players

When you register online you can pay by credit card, cash or check.  Should you choose to pay by cash or check your application will not be processed until you deliver the payment to your coach.

Only one account per family.  If you are registering an in-house player, a player frying out for a competition team and an in-house coach you will need to log in to three separate events, but the SAME USER ID and password will be used for all of them.
Registration Fees
Posted May 15, 2019

Summer HS League - $25.00 ($35.00 for players not registered this spring).

In-house - Registration for the Fall 2019 season - $50.00 Registrations after August 1 may be charged an late fee.

Competition - Registration for both the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 seasons - $50.00 tryout fee with an additional $120 upon accepting the invitation to play on the team.  Players not offered or not accepting a position on a competition team will be assigned to an in-house team for the fall 2019 season and the $50.00 tryout fee will be credited to that registration.

Uniforms are provided to in-house players

Competition pllayers will need to purchace their uniforms.  The expected cost is $65.25.

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