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West Haven Youth Soccer League, West Haven, Connecticut

West Haven Youth Soccer League, West Haven, Connecticut



Any player born between 1/1/2007 and 12/31/2011 are eligible to try out for the West Haven Youth Soccer League Competition (Travel) teams.  Try outs for our Competition Teams are open to all players that are interested in improving their game, challenging themselves, and want to play at a higher level.

What is travel soccer?
Travel soccer is competitive soccer played against teams from other towns or communities. Games are played in the South Central District, which encompasses our area of Connecticut. Travel soccer is designed for players and parents who are willing to make a higher level of commitment in time, effort, training and competition. Players who have shown an interest and ability greater than most recreational players can benefit from moving to travel soccer. High school teams are made up of travel soccer players, players who only play Recreational Soccer (in-town league) typically do not want to try to play soccer in high school and often are at a disadvantage going against people who have played travel soccer and have had the benefit of a higher level of play and coaching. If an ability or desire to play in high school or beyond exists, the player certainly should play travel soccer.

How is travel soccer different from recreational (house league) soccer?
There are two basic levels of soccer in the West Haven Youth Soccer League: recreational (in house) and travel. Most young children benefit from playing with their friends and classmates in their own community. In our in-house program, all children who register are assigned to a team, and will receive equal playing time. Ability is not a factor, and all interested players are welcome. Coaches are almost always novice, and usually are parent volunteers who offer to coach their children and their friends. Travel soccer is a more competitive program. Players need to try out for the teams and the coaches often hold some kind of coaching license, attend coaching courses, and work with the West Haven High School coaches to best help our players.  Travel soccer keys on the players’ development and helping them reach their potential.

Where do we “travel” to?
Travel to away games is not extreme.  We play mostly against towns in our area.

What are the estimated costs?
In addition to the standard registration fee, there is a Travel Soccer fee and a separate fee for the travel uniform.

Pros of Travel Soccer:
If your child wants to compete at a higher level, is a solid athlete, or just wants to challenge themselves to get better, then travel soccer is the next step.  Following are just a few of the great things that can happen when advancing to the next level:

“Wow, that’s cool!”
The coaches in competitive soccer are typically more knowledgeable and skilled, and that will give your child an opportunity to learn the game in ways they may not experience through recreational soccer. They will learn to move the ball, read the field and strategize in ways they never have before. They will also learn a myriad of drills to enhance their own skills and start to gravitate (through observation and guidance from their coach) towards the position they are most suited for. Typically, this is the position they will play for the remainder of their soccer career.

“Competition can be a great thing.”
If your child was running circles around the kids in their recreational league, travel will most likely be a perfect environment for them. Here they can truly give their all, matching skills and wit, amongst the best players in the region. This is a welcomed change for skilled players who, although they may have enjoyed being the star of their team, became bored in not experiencing the challenges that they will encounter in a more competitive league.

“Discipline, discipline, discipline.”
Playing for a travel team certainly requires more discipline than recreational teams, which are mostly instructional. In rec leagues, kids get only what they put into it. Some just play because their parents are trying to keep them busy, some play because it's fun and they can see their school friends a couple times a week outside of school, and some just really love the sport. Once a child moves up to travel, it requires much more work outside of the normal practices and games to allow their skill level to increase and improve. There is endless value for kids to learn that hard work, commitment, and discipline are required to excel in anything they do and this discipline can help them both on and off the field in all areas of their lives.

Both recreational soccer and travel soccer have benefits, and each may be an attraction to certain kids.  But, if your child would like to play high school soccer (or beyond) or wants to further develop their skills, Travel Soccer is the way to go.


To sign-up for West Haven Youth Soccer League Competition team try-outs on-line go to and if you have an existing account click on “LOGIN”, otherwise, click on “REGISTER”.

Registration will also take place at the field at the beginning of the tryout sessions.  We strongly encourage everyone to preregister online, to save time.



Will Be Held At Duffy Field

Wednesday, June 9th &

Wednesday, June 16th

CHECK IN at 5:00-5:20 PM

Tryouts run from 5:30-7:00 PM

If you have any questions at all, feel free to email Matt Petrie at [email protected]
or Pete Trenchard at [email protected].


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